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Back in the dark days of the 8-Bit Nintendo, everyone knew that a video game based on a movie was going to be a cynical and virtually-unplayable cash-grab:
You were probably going to get a platformer with pitiful hop-and-bop or shoot/bump-into-an-enemy-and-die mechanics. It would be virtually identical to any other game, if you ignored the title screen and a few pixels here and there which kinda-sorta suggested that your character was the movie's star.
Yes, those were the dark times. The NES's limited processing power just couldn't support the one element which would make the Super Nintendo's movie/game adaptions top-notch can't-miss fun fair for the whole family. Yes, I'm talking about...
Inspired by Prince of Persia and fueled by the SNES's increased color palette (or something), we could finally have pseudo-rotoscoped sprites, just as lanky and gangly as REAL people! No longer did we have to suffer through anatomically-incorrect plumbers jumping on even MORE anatomically-incorrect mushroom we had spindly-legged humanoids with baboon-like arms leaping about, firing infinite bullets, and jumping three times their own height in the air!
Yes, reality was now achievable in video games, and game developers everywhere set about making down-to-earth game versions of movies about inter-dimensional gates built by aliens posing as ancient Egyptians, totalitarian government-sponsored killers in goofy half-face helmets, aliens posing as the world's most spring-loaded tape-worms, and ...well, a bad Warhammer 40,000 knockoff.
Anyway, I'm pressed for time this week...
So I'm going to let the PICTURES do the talking (and dangling) for me!
Judge Dredd (more on Judge Dredd here!)
Alien 3
Mutant Chronicles: Doom Troopers
...and there's so much more!
These are just a few of the Super Nintendo's tribute to hanging off a cliff by your fingertips! Perhaps another time (when I REALLY can't be bothered to put any thought into something) I'll work on Dangling Part 2*
*: dangling boogaloo
— carlmarksguy, 2013-04-05
Man, the background in Mutant Doom Troopers looks like a total Donkey Kong Country ripoff. I've actually beaten Alien 3. All I can say is that it was better than the movie, at least.
Yeah, when I have a lot more time I want to do an article on "Doom Troopers". It's totally pre-rendered 3D DKCountry ripoff in style, but it's a really really bad run-and-gun meets Mortal Kombat based on a Warhammer 40k ripoff. The enemies take so many shots (and are most dangerous AFTER being shot) its almost always better to jump over them, and the boss fights embody the worst spray-n-pray mechanics.
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